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2 Pair Wood Mallets Percussion Sticks for Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Chime, Woodblock, and Bells, 8 Inch Long with a Carry Bag

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Constructed of environmentally and durable hardwood. They are good for resonator percussion instruments to deliver bright, resounding, and rich tones. The size of mallets (8 inch long with 1 inch diameter ball) is suitable for most of percussion instruments related.

Package includes: 2 pairs(4 mallets) with a carry bag

Features & details

  • Constructed of durable beechwood
  • Ideal for resonator percussion instruments
  • Deliver bright, resounding, and rich tones
  • 8 inch long, with 1 inch diameter ball
  • 2 pairs(4 mallets) with a carry bag