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Arena Air-Soft Swimming Goggles for Men and Women

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sand The ultra-comfortable unisex Airsoft goggles are perfect for recreational and regular swimmers. Specially designed to prioritize lightness and comfort, our Air goggles feature innovative Air Seals that are honeycomb-shaped to compress and conform to the face as needed, reducing pressure around the eyes for a super lightweight feel and added comfort. . Equipped with wide polycarbonate lenses for great side vision and no-leak, no-fog, Max Comfort technology in a cool, stylish design, these training swim goggles are perfect for both training sessions and fitness swimming. Each pair features a self-adjusting nose bridge and a split strap that is individually adjustable for a secure, comfortable fit, even for swimmers with long hair. These comfortable adult swimming goggles are equipped with anti-fog coating and are PVC free. Available with clear mirrorless lenses for indoor swimming or dark mirrorless lenses for outdoor swimming.

Features and details

  • Extra Comfortable Training Swimming Goggles for Fitness Swimmers with Air Seals Designed to Reduce Pressure on the Eye Socket and Pain Caused by Suction on Sensitive Areas
  • Innovative air seals are honeycomb-shaped to compress and conform to the face, offering a super lightweight feel, greater comfort and greater stability while you swim
  • Padded silicone gaskets and low-profile design provide excellent comfort, while hard polycarbonate lenses offer high performance and crystal-clear underwater visibility.
  • Each pair features an anti-fog coating and a self-adjusting nose bridge and adjustable split strap for a secure, comfortable fit, even for swimmers with long hair; PVC free
  • Designed for recreational and regular swimmers, Arena's Airsoft Training Goggles are so comfortable that you won't even feel them on your face while you swim.