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Back Straightener Posture Corrector Device - Hunchback Corrector with Carry Bag for Easy Portability - Comfort-Padded Yoga Stick - Posture Corrector for Men, Women, and Kids.

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Discover the Ayvan Difference:


  1. Suitable for men, women, and kids.
  2. Versatile use: ease back pain, release tension in the shoulders & neck, and boost productivity at work by stretching between breaks.
  3. Dimensions: 21” - 35” Inches, adjustable for your convenience.
  4. Materials: Stainless Steel Tube, Foam Padding
  5. Package Inclusions: 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x Adjustable Yoga Stick, and Manual



Ayvan posture pole is designed to provide a convenient and effective solution for improving posture and alleviating the effects of slouching. The idea of targeting specific muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders through biomechanics is a thoughtful approach. Maintaining good posture is crucial for overall health and well-being, as it can help prevent discomfort, pain, and long-term issues associated with poor posture. Regular stretching and muscle activation, as promoted by the Ayvan posture pole, can indeed contribute to better posture over time.

Features & details

  • Get a Rewarding Confidence Boost ... Take care of that slouch with a hunchback posture corrector that gets the job done! Guided by biomechanics, the Ayvan neck hump corrector strengthens muscles for a straighter back. Suitable for men, women, and kids.
  • Ease Tension and Relish Relaxation ... This yoga stick is more than a posture corrector device. It works as a stretching stick that targets the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Use it to improve mobility or get in a refreshing stretch during your workday.
  • Posture Correction with Elevated Comfort ... Straightening your back doesn't have to mean wearing an uncomfortable back brace for posture. Our posture pole features thickened padding to never dig into your back. Use it for 10-30 minutes a day and see the results.
  • Discover the Ayvan Difference ... A neck hump corrector for women and men that goes wherever you do. Unlike others that are too bulky, ours can be adjust from 35" to 21". Place it inside the included carry bag and take it to the gym or office with ease.
  • Crafted With Durability in Mind ... Get yoga sticks for posture you won't feel the need to replace. We've designed our spine corrector around a reinforced, rust-resistant stainless steel tube. So, it doesn't bend as you stretch away. Go ahead, invest in durability!