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Basyar Knife Sharpener Adjustable Sharpening Angle, Polishing, Diamond-Coated Ceramic Sharpening Stones for All Knives, Leather Strop Bottom

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  • 1.Professional Knife Sharpening, Elevate your sharpening game with our upgraded honing guide. It now includes a built-in Leather Strop for precision polishing, eliminating iron filings and burrs. Enjoy a razor-sharp blade for enhanced food safety.
  • 2.Enhance Food Safety, After sharpening, blades can leave behind iron filings and burrs. Unpolished knives may risk food contamination (see main Figure 3 for a close-up). Our comprehensive sharpening process combines sharpening and polishing to ensure both sharpness and safety.
  • 3.Versatile Features, Our knife sharpener offers a wide range of features, including an adjustable sharpening angle (14-24 degrees) to accommodate various knives. From coarse to fine sharpening, even scissors can be sharpened and polished. The high-quality diamond-coated ceramic sharpening stones extend the lifespan of your knives and sharpener.
  • 4. How to Use the Sharpener, Begin by selecting the appropriate sharpening angle (14-18 degrees for kitchen knives, 20-24 degrees for sports knives). Choose between coarse or fine sharpening based on blade dullness. Pull the blade vertically above the sharpening edge (watch the iron filings fall). Then, place both sides of the blade on the Leather Strop at the bottom, moving it up and down evenly for a sharper, brighter, and cleaner blade (see main Figure 5). No water needed for cleaning