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Bevel Pre Shave Oil for Men with Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil, Helps Soften Hair and Protect Skin from Irritation and Razor Burn, 2 Fl Oz

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Shaving without first prepping your skin puts you at risk for nicks, cuts, tugs and bumps. As the first step in the Bevel Shave System, the Bevel Priming Oil creates a protective layer between your skin and your Bevel Razor. Use your Bevel Priming Oil along with the rest of the Bevel Shave System for a consistently smooth shave and clearer skin. The Bevel Shave System consists of The Bevel Razor, Bevel Badger Brush, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Restoring Balm and Bevel Blades.

Features & details

  • LUXURY PRE-SHAVE PRIMING OIL - The Bevel Priming Oil helps soften your hair and skin by holding moisture in, which means your razor can glide across your skin
  • PROTECTS YOUR SKIN - The Bevel Priming Oil helps prepare and protect your skin from nicks, cuts, and razor bumps using a signature blend of ingredients
  • SOFTENS HAIR - Softer hair enables an easier cut and softened skin yields more easily to your razor, this lets you apply less pressure to get a good shave
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Lavender, Castor, and Olive Oils naturally sooth and calm your skin, with no silicones or mineral oils
  • SHAVING ESSENTIALS - Pair with the Bevel Safety Razor and Bevel Shave Cream for a shaving experience with no fuss, nicks, or cuts