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Brightech Sky Dome Dimmable LED Floor Lamp Silver 72”

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Style Modern
Brand Brightech
Color Platinum Silver
Product Dimensions 1.18"D x 1.97"W x 72"H
Special Feature Energy Efficient, 3-Way, Dimmable

About this item

  • Super Bright LED Lighting: The Brightech Sky Dome floor lamp creates an impressive 1,600 lumens of 3,000K white light to brighten any room. The tall lamp’s white plastic dome shade diffuses light so it won’t shine directly into your eyes. Drawing only 16 watts on maximum brightness, the tall standing lamp shines bright and stays sturdy through a high-quality construction. It acts as an excellent alternative to harsh overhead lights, with a light 3,000K warm white color for bedrooms and offices.
  • Safe and Stable: Keep kids and pets safe with the modern floor lamp’s sturdiness. It comes with a weighted base that makes it sound as a standing lamp in playrooms and nurseries. The added weight prevents it from being tipped over by children. This tall lamp features premium LED bulbs to remove concerns about overheating. The dimmable bulbs stay cool even when used on a constant basis. This LED floor lamp for living rooms is secure and safe and can be used throughout a modern home.
  • Energy-Saving & Long-Lasting Standing Lamp with Dual Reading Lights: The integrated LEDs in this tall lamp are made to last 20 years (assuming 3 hours of use each day) and do not waste energy like incandescent, CFL, and halogen bulbs. The highly efficient LED lights can assist with lowering electricity bills. The standing lamp’s built-in LED lights also save you time since replacing them is unnecessary. Save time and money when you choose Brightech floor lamps.
  • 3-Way Dimmer Floor Lamp: The design and colors of the Brightech Sky Dome fit perfectly with contemporary, mid-century modern, and casual living room décor. The slender tall lamp is the perfect shape to fit into small corners, while the base can slide out of the way under furniture. The standing lamp is ideal for use near a couch or two sofas since it has mother-daughter lights on flexible arms that can illuminate two areas nearby. The lamp is also ideal for activities such as crafts and reading.