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Chicken Coop Heater for Winter with APP Control, 30''x12'' Large Foldable Chicken Heaters for Coop with Adjustable Timer and Temp, Heater for Chicken Coop Accessories Pet House,180W Radiant Heat Panel

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Features & details

  • 🐔APP Control or Panel Button Control: Users can use their phone APP control to turn on/off the radiant heat panel, adjust the temperature gear, or set a timer. Or use the buttons on the panel to adjust, which is very convenient and humanization. If you help your chicken get warm with a PETNF poultry heater, you can enjoy caring for your chicken and collecting free eggs!
  • 🐓Temperature Adjustment and Timer: The chicken heater for coop has 3 temp gears, which can be adjusted by APP control or control panel, L01 is 50-60°C (122-140°F), L02 is 60-70° C (140-158°F), L03 is 70-80°C (158-176°F) and will be displayed on the LED display. The temp adjustment has a memory function, and the next time it is turned on and used, it defaults to the temp setting before the shutdown; it also has a timer shutdown function, which can be set from 1 hour to 24 hours.
  • 🐥IP55 Waterproof: This heater for a chicken coop is made of flame retardant material ASB and Aluminum Composite Panel, waterproof rating of up to IP55, foldable design, with a floor mounting bracket and APP control, and wire up to 9.8 feet / 3 meters to expand the space use. Its radiant heat makes the chick/puppy/kitten feel warm, it is ideal for a chicken coop/dog house/barn/cat house, etc. for your pets or poultry creating a warm and comfortable environment in cold weather.
  • 🐶Three installation methods: Our foldable chicken coop warmer is very easy to install, you can install the bracket feet on the card slot of the heating plate, stand 180 degrees on the ground, or you can install it on the wall with screws, or The heating plate can be folded about 45-180° and stand in the corner, making good use of the corner space.
  • 🐰Super Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: PETNF is very concerned about energy saving and environmental protection. Our new chicken coop heaters inside coop have a large heating size and low power. The heater size is 30 x 12 inches and the power is 180W, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly and can save customers electricity bills.
  • 🌡️ Build-in Thermostat: The effective radiant heat range of our poultry warmer is within 76 cm, and the built-in powerful constant temperature system can keep the temperature of the chicken coop radiant heater surface uniform. Your pets can feel warm within a few minutes.
  • 🐈Although it will be cold, it's still necessary to ensure coop ventilation in winter, which will lead to serious problems like illness among your chickens. So your chickens need a little extra care during the winter months to keep them healthy and happy will continue to lay eggs all year long. Create comfortable winter bedding or get a PETNF chicken house heater to help.
  • 🐣“Fresh” eggs raised in your own backyard are more nutritional than conventionally raised eggs, they contain 25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene, and up to 20 times more Omega-3 fatty acids. However, winter’s extreme cold can certainly reduce egg production, to optimize egg production, try getting a PETNF coop chicken heater to keep them warm. With this method, egg production will be improved through the shorter days of winter!