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Comfort Zone 9" Dual Window Fan with 180° Rotating Fans

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breeze or circulate the air in your home with ease. Controlled with a manual dial, you can adjust the airflow by simply turning the switch to fill your room with fresh, cool air. Featuring individually rotating fan heads, you can easily adjust the air flow to blow in or out without removing it from the window, directing the airflow wherever you need it most. Simply push the fan heads in either direction to adjust the airflow for comfort and circulation or push the right side of each fan until it rotates 180° and blows air in the opposite direction, removing hot, humid, and stale air from the room. The Comfort Zone Dual Window Fan with 180° Rotating Fans, is also equipped with auto-locking expanders on the sides and easily adjusts to fit the width of your window, expanding from 22.25” to 31.25” wide, providing a snug, secure fit. Designed for use in either double-hung windows or sliding casement windows this fan can also be used with the window screens left in place if space allows. To help keep bugs and debris out, this fan also comes with removeable, plastic bug screens that simply snap on either side of the fan head. For added convenience, this fan also features two sturdy feet for tabletop use on your desk or bedside table.