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Dance Mat and Game System - Single Mode Wireless Non-Slip Dance Pad **OPEN BOX**

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  • High Elastic Material: The dancing mat adopts 11MM high-density composite sponge body, double-layer millisecond-level induction carbon film, rapid rebound makes the foot feel better, compression-resistant ABS rubber shell, shock resistance and durability, using PVC color printing blanket and ECA anti-skid and wear-resistant blanket The bottom reflects the excellent texture of the dancing mat.
  • The dancing mat is equipped with a wireless receiver, and the TV and computer can be connected to the dancing mat. There are 3000 classic pop songs and 150 interesting games built in.
  • Wireless Induction: The dancing mat uses a highly sensitive chip, ultra-remote control within 10 meters, no angle and azimuth constraints, and a wireless receiver.