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Dash Nonstick Mini 4" Waffle Maker Set (Pumpkin, Skull, Spider Web)

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Enjoy breakfast frights throughout the season with the Dash Halloween Mini Waffle Maker Set of Three. This 3-pack gift set includes a Skull Mini Waffle Maker, a Spiderweb Mini Waffle Maker, and a Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker. The Dash Halloween Mini Waffle Maker Set of Three allows the whole family to cook up treats perfect for Halloween—or any festive fall gathering. Each Mini Waffle Maker cooks a specialty design on one side and a classic waffle pattern on the other. Uniform heating cooks these 4” mini waffles to golden perfection, and the nonstick surfaces release food effortlessly and are easy to clean. One step set up - simply plug your Mini Waffle Maker in and you’ll be cooking in minutes. Easy and fun for the whole family. The Dash Halloween Mini Waffle Maker Set of Three includes a Recipe Guide that will have you making spookily delicious treats throughout the fall season. Each Mini Maker comes in an individual box, so they make great gifts.
Dash Halloween Mini Waffle Set With Pumpkin, Skull and Spider Web Waffle Makers