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Dog Car Seat for Small Dog, Pet Booster Seat Dog Travel Safety Car Carrier

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Product description

Choosing Weatherops Dog Car Seat for your beloved little friend.

Our Dog Car Seat is as safe as baby booster seat!

Safe, comfortable and keep your car clean

Weatrops is a company focus on pet supplies since 2004, we attach great importance to product quality and customer shopping experience. Weatrops Dog Car Seat is not only provides a comfortable place for your dog while traveling but also assures car driving safety.


Ensure the driving safety of you and your dog.

Ensure your driving safety


  • Protect Driving Safe
  • Prevent pets from making trouble while driving



Save your leather seat

Save your leather seat


  • Protect Car Seat
  • Prevent pets from scratching the car seat



Keep your car seat clean and tidy

Keep your car seat clean and tidy


  • Keep The Seat Clean
  • Prevent pet hair from staining the seat



Weatrops Dog Bed for dual-use

Indoor and outdoor dual-use

Multifunctional Pet Car Seat

There will be many people in your life. But for your lovely little friend, you are the one and the only one. Whether you are traveling or at home, it provides them a comfortable place to be with you.

pet travel car seat

Anti-static ramie fabric


  • Wear-resistant and bite-resistant
  • Non-sticky no static