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DREAM PAIRS Women's Pointed Toe Low Kitten Heels Loafers - Size 8

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  • Rubber sole
  • Timeless Design: Step into style and comfort with these Stand All Day Pumps that are foot-friendly and good-looking without the pressure. These heels support the foot for long-lasting comfort.
  • Kitten Heel: The low heel design offers stability so you can walk in comfort and also reduces foot fatigue when you’re on the go or dashing to your next meeting.
  • Exceptional Comfort: The Sole Flexi insole is designed to provide greater foot contact for all-day relief. Arch support reduces pressure from the forefoot and works with the foot in motion for dependable support. The shock-absorbing layer also reduces fatigue from repeated impact.
  • Modern & Contemporary: Designed with an all-over stone grain pattern and a sophisticated pointed-toe silhouette that adds elegance. These shoes boost your mood and help you accomplish more.
  • Upgraded Features: The new updated Stand All Day Pumps have a padded toe box that protects & minimizes discomfort. Also, the cushioned heel collar prevents exposure to friction.