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ECO BOOM Diapers, Baby Bamboo Viscose Diapers, Eco-Friendly Natural Soft Disposable Nappies for Infant, Size 0 Suitable for up to 7 lbs (Newborn - 80 Count)

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Features & details

  • [Premium Bamboo Viscose Fiber] The top and the back sheet are made of non-woven bamboo viscose fabric, which provides your baby with super soft surface, to ensure your baby’s comfort.
  • [Ultra Absorption] The bamboo viscose diapers adopt high German quality and high absorption material for ultra absorption performance to lock the moisture and keep the surface dry.
  • [Triple Elastic Ear Tips] The diapers are equipped with triple elastic ear tips, which are flexible to adjust as per your baby’s waist without being too tight and also avoids cuts to baby’s tender skin, for a more comfortable experience for your baby.
  • [Chemical Free] The bamboo viscose diapers use chlorine free pulp, which is the most advanced chlorine free bleaching process, for a safe chemical free experience.
  • [Environmentally-Friendly Packaging] Our bamboo viscose diapers now come in a new eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and strive to make our products as sustainable as possible.