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Filtrete MPR 1500 17.5 x 23.5 x 1 Healthy Living Ultra Allergen Reduction AC Furnace Air Filter, Uncompromised Airflow, 6-Pack (B00175MYFG)

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About this item

  • MAKE YOUR HOME YOUR SANCTUARY: 6-pack of 3-month pleated 1” Filtrete 17.5x23.5x1 MPR 1500 AC Furnace Air Filter helps capture unwanted particles from your household air to contribute to a cleaner, fresher home environment
  • DIFFERENT FROM NOMINAL SIZE: Slightly different from the nominal size, this air filter’s exact dimensions are 17.19 x 23.19 x 0.78
  • EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY: Designed with exclusive Filtrete 3-in-1 technology to pull in and trap unwanted particles, allowing cleaner air to flow through
  • COUNTLESS MICROPARTICLES: With a 1500 MPR and MERV 12 rating, as well as a 54% small particle capture rate (1), your Filtrete Filter will help capture many microparticles from the air passing through it
  • CERTIFIED: This furnace filter is CERTIFIED asthma and allergy-friendly (2) and helps capture dust, lint and other allergens in your household air
  • VERSATILE USES: Works for changing any air filter in your furnace, air conditioner/heating system or HVAC system; for optimal performance, change your filter at least once every 90 days