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Half-Barrel Keg Dolly

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Move 160 pound kegs with 1 finger! The Keg Dolly is great for relocating kegs from a storage refrigerator to outlet beer coolers or to easily move kegs when mopping walk-in coolers. The black Keg Dollies are much better than the red keg dollies you'll see on the internet. Ours are made of reinforced durable plastic that will hold 2 kegs without a problem. The 5 casters have non-marking polyurethane wheels which are superior to the red dolly's rubber wheels that eventually wear down. One of the casters has a brake to prevent rolling on uneven floors. In addition, the wheels have an axle bearing rather than a singular axle pin that makes them able to endure more use without seizing. We like to call this keg dolly our "Holy Roller" since it is designed with ridges and open slats to allow drainage for condensation that accumulates on the kegs. You won't find the wheel brake or the open slats on any other keg dolly and the black color keeps the dollies looking clean. The black Keg Dolly comes in two sizes to accommodate every size and shape keg. These can also be used as plant dollies but NEVER use a plant dolly for kegs! A full beer keg can weigh 160 pounds. Transporting kegs the wrong way can cause serious injury. Using good-quality keg dollies is a smart investment in your business. TIP: These keg dollies are great for rolling heavy plant pots but never purchase a 'plant dolly' because they cannot safely support a 160 pound keg.


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