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Hasbro Twister Splash & Operation Splash Games Family Bundle

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Hasbro Twister Splash & Operation Splash Games Family Bundle

Get drenched with Hasbro Twister Splash and Operation Splash Games. All-new from WowWee, these classic Hasbro games are back with an outdoor spin. Just like everyone's favorite Twister game, players of Twister Splash Game follow hand and feet placements directed by the included spinner. But now, each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water. When you cover a colored spot, water shoots out the others. 

In Operation Splash Game, players will race to save Cavity Sam by removing 5 foam ailments each and placing them in their lifesaver ring as fast as they can. The longer you take to remove all five ailments, the more you get SOAKED. 

Easy to set up in your backyard, both Twister Splash and Operation Splash Games are ready to play in minutes. Adult supervision is recommended. Bundle includes 1 Twister Splash Game (Ages 4+) and 1 Operation Splash Game (Ages 6+).

  • Classic Operation Game with a twist! Save Cavity Sam while getting soaked! Dive right into Hasbro Operation Splash Game and race to remove all 10 foam ailments before it’s too late.
  • Get soaked, Twister style! Give the spinner a whirl and make your move. Each spot on the Twister Splash Mat sprays water! Cover the spots with your hands or feet and watch water shoot out the others!
  • Are you up to the challenge? Players of Twister Splash and Operation Splash Games showcase their timing and coordination while getting drenched! Pour on the fun this summer challenging family and friends for bragging rights.