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Ketone Breath Analyzer, Keto Breath Meter for Testing Ketosis with 10 Mouthpieces(Black)

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How to get accurate ketone readings?

1. In order to get accurate ketone readings, please exhaust the residuals completely with the ketone meter before your first use by running the keto breath tester 3 times without blowing,because each ketone breath analyzer was tested during the production before shipping to warehouse, there maybe residuals; if you want to test another person consequently after your testing, please also kindly exhaust your previous residuals.

2. Please blow immediately within first 5 seconds when displaying BLOW on the ketosis tester if you finish the residuals exhaustion step, because the ketone breath tester starts analyzing the breath right after the first 5 seconds

Kind Reminder:

There is a time lag before your ketones levels drop after having consumed anything that is high in carbs, which is why you might still be getting high readings after that. The time lag is different for each individual, and will also depend on how long you have been on the keto life for.

Readings Instructions (PPM):

Breath Acetone Concentration (ppm): 0 ~ 1.9. You are not in ketosis or just right before ketosis.
Breath Acetone Concentration (ppm): 2.0 ~ 3.9. You are at very early stage of ketosis.
Breath Acetone Concentration (ppm): 4.0 ~ 9.9. You are in a light status of ketosis. The body fat is burning at a low pace.
Breath Acetone Concentration (ppm): 10 ~ 39. You are in the optimum level of ketosis. This is the stable fat burning zone, the process of fat being used by the body as the main source of energy.
Breath Acetone Concentration (ppm): 40 ~ 59. Be Caution! You are approaching too much ketosis

Package Contains:

1x portable ketone meter
10x replaceable mouthpieces
1x carrying string
1x user manual
2*AAA Batteries are not included