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Manscaped The Crop Shaver Replacement Blades - 3ct

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  • 3 stainless steel precision blades
  • Micro comb bar to prep and protect skin
  • Fits The Crop Shaver pivoting head
  • Recommended for optimal shaving hygiene
  • Description

    The Crop Shaver 3-pack refill cartridges

    Keep The Crop Shaver men’s razor from Manscaped™ shaving smoothly down there with a 3-pack of fresh stainless steel blade refill cartridges. With triple-blade shaving and extra-wide lubricating strips, you’ll get smooth, soft skin, every time! Use the Manscaped Crop Shaver refill cartridges to make every shave new-razor smooth and hygienic. MANSCAPED™ recommends changing the blades on The Crop Shaver™ every 5 - 7 shaves or every two weeks, depending on workload.


    Hair Type: All Hair Types

    Package Quantity: 3

    Number of blades: 3

    Care & Cleaning: Rinse Clean