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Marvin's Magic - Magic Svengali Magic Card Tricks Set | 25 Amazing Magic Tricks for Adults & Children

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  • INSTANTLY CHANGE AN ENTIRE DECK BEFORE SOMEONE'S EYES: Guaranteed to amaze and baffle any audience with minimal skill and a deck of Svengali Magic Cards, anyone can perform classic card tricks. Featuring a special deck of premium quality cards and an illustrated guide to 20 simple but crowd-pleasing routines, this set is ideal for up and coming conjurers! Perfect for everyday magic or as a party trick.
  • INCLUDES SELF WORKING CARDS: This Svengali Magic Cards set contains the secret to mastering the most popular tricks. Our simple step-by-step guides will show you how to manipulate the deck and astonish your audience with 20 jaw-dropping card tricks. Ask your friends to pick a card, then amaze them by plucking it from the deck. Shuffle again and make their card appear anywhere in the deck. Recover it from an impossible location or transform the entire deck into their card.
  • 20 INCREDIBLE CARD TRICKS: Magicians have been using Svengali cards to entertain crowds for over a century, which makes them literally one of the oldest tricks in the book! So if your looking for the ultimate magic trick to impress your friends with - this fantastic set offers a variety of cool tricks to show off your magician skills. Your friends will love to see the magic before their eyes!