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O2COOL Rechargeable Deluxe Necklace Fan with USB Cord

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USB Power Source
USB Power Source


  • NECKLACE FAN - NOW RECHARGEABLE! The best-selling hanging neck fan from O2COOL is now fully rechargeable, no batteries required! Easily charge it with the included micro USB charging cable. Light flashes while charging. Once charge is complete, light stops flashing.
  • VERSATILE 3 SPEED CONTROL - The new & improved portable neck fan features three speed settings that let you adjust from a light breeze to a strong wind! To change the speed settings, use the On/Off switch to toggle through speeds: Low, Medium and High.
  • POWERFUL VERTICAL AIR FLOW - Engineered with a powerful three-speed vertical air flow that directs cool, refreshing air upward towards the face and head. Ultra slim profile and light weight make this rechargeable neck fan discreet and nearly unnoticeable.
  • BREAKAWAY ADJUSTABLE LANYARD - An adjustable lanyard lets you personalize the distance of the fan from your face for maximum cooling refreshment. Breakaway safety feature protects the necks of children and adults in case the lanyard gets caught.
  • HOURS OF USB BATTERY TIME - Enjoy hours of cooling refreshment! Quiet-running, this hand held fan lets you charge up in advance and remain cool and comfortable all day in hot weather. Run on Low up to 11.5 hours, Medium up to 8 hours and High up to 5.5 hours.
  • Description

    O2COOL Rechargeable Necklace Fan provides ultimate hands-free cooling with vertical airflow and a wearable, travel-ready lightweight design. No batteries required for use – just charge and go! Choice of 3 speeds to customize your cooling! When fully charged with included USB charging cable, this fan runs on Low up to 11.5 hours, Medium up to 8 hours and High up to 5.5 hours. Easy to charge with included USB cable. The perfect year-round accessory for pool, outdoors, travel and sports. Powerful, vertical airflow is directed at face and neck for optimal cooling. Keep kids and adults cool during activities and summertime fun in the sun! Perfect for the beach, hiking, camping, concerts, festivals, sporting events, amusement parks, and vacations.


    Dimensions (Overall): 4.25 Inches (H) x 3 Inches (W) x 1 Inches (D)