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Oirlv White Leather Jewelry Bust Necklace Display Stand Trade Show Jewelry Holder (H:15.28")

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About this item

  • White synthetic leather Covered. Weighted base makes it balanced and sturdy.
  • The white synthetic leather is far superior to the linen or velvet,looks elegant and noble.
  • Whether you are wanting to display personal necklaces or using this as a business trade show display product, you are going to get a better result by using our premium necklace display stand.
  • Jewelry Mannequin Bust dimensions at 11.8" Tall x 7.16" Wide are designed to perfectly showcase your pieces, your necklace will always be displayed beautifully. If you have a longer necklace, just wrap the excess around the top and let the pendant hang in the perfect display position.
  • With our premium synthetic leather necklace displays, there is no doubt about the quality of the product. The stitching and the leather are excellent quality and perform flawlessly when showcasing your jewelry and wanting it to stay in place and not slide around