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PawfessionalCare Automatic Cat Feeder 6 Meals Pet Food Dispenser with Programmed Timer Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice Reminder, with Battery and USB Cable for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs

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Features & details

  • 🐾😻🐶【Precise Feeding and Memory Function for 6 meals】: PawfessionalCare automatic feeder 6 meal nutrition customization, dry and wet separation, making pets healthier. Each meal is about 85g, with balanced nutrition, which can reduce the burden on the stomach of pets. You only need to set it once, and the system will automatically save the data to meet different pet feeding needs.
  • 🐾😻🐶【Timing Feeding and Voice Calling】: Programmable pet feeder design, set the feeding time and then automatically rotate to the precise position, the owner can set a personalized voice call, for example: "Baby, it's time to eat". The food will rotate out with the host's call and the light attraction at the bottom. Even if you are on a business trip/travel/go out for a party, it can still ensure the normal eating and nutrition of your pet.
  • 🐾😻🐶【Intelligent Anti-jamming Feet】: Intelligent induction feeding plate, safe and not jammed feet. When the food dispenser is time to rotate, the pet will naughtily plan food with its paws. The system will detect and stop for 20 seconds before restarting to ensure that the pet will not be harmed.
  • 🐾😻🐶【Spaceship UFO Design】: The feeding dispenser adopts a novel space flying saucer design, the appearance has a sense of futuristic shuttle, and the bottom has a stable non-slip tripod stand. The operation panel is protected by a transparent cover, which is locked clockwise to prevent misoperation by mischievous pets. More protection, more peace of mind