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PetSafe Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier new no box

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New no box! Backed up with a six month warranty


Pack away the pet gate and welcome the PetSafe Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier into your home! If youre tired of climbing over (and stubbing your toe) on traditional pet gates, this low-profile threshold barrier allows you to block your pets access to the areas of your home that you choose. This training tool is easy to use, simply place the pet barrier near the stairs or doorway and place the adjustable receiver collar around your dogs neck. You can secure this barrier to the floor or mount it horizontally on a wall or staircase using adhesive strips and or mounting anchors When your pet enters the pet-free zone, they will first hear a series of beeps from the receiver collar. If they do not leave the area, they will then feel a safe yet startling static correction. With a little time and practice, your pet will soon learn which areas of the home are off-limits. If you have more than one place in your home that you would like your cat or dog to avoid, simply purchase as many additional Pawz Away Pet Barriers as needed. Add an unlimited number of pets to the system with the purchase of additional receiver collars. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Features & details

  • PET GATE ALTERNATIVE: Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier is a low-profile alternative to pet gates that prevent pets from going up the stairs or entering certain rooms in your home
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: You’ll receive 1 Pawz Away Threshold Barrier, a receiver collar for your pet to wear, 2 3-Volt lithium batteries and mounting hardware
  • SAFELY CORRECTS YOUR PET: When your pet enters the boundary area wearing the receiver collar, they will hear a series of beeps and then will receive a safe yet startling static correction
  • ADJUSTABLE BARRIER RANGE: Protect specific areas throughout your home by adjusting the boundary up to 3 feet from the barrier
  • PROTECT MULTIPLE AREAS OF YOUR HOME: If you want your pet to avoid more than 1 area in your home, simply purchase additional threshold barriers
  • FITS MOST SIZE PETS: Receiver collar fits pets weighing at least 5 pounds with a neck size between 6-28 inches; pet barrier is designed for pets who are less than 40 inches tall
  • BATTERY OPERATED: Pawz Away pet barrier requires 4 AAA batteries (not included); Receiver collar requires 2, 3-Volt lithium batteries (included)
  • COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS: Pawz Away Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar (PWF00-13664), Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier (PWF00-11923), Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier (PWF00-13665), Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier (PWF00-14406), YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence (PIG00-11115) and the YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar (PIG00-11116)
  • SIMPLE TRAINING TOOL: With a little practice, your pet will learn to associate the correction with the off-limits area of your home