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Reynolds Kitchens Aluminum 8" x 8" Cake Pans with Lids (12 ct.)

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  • 12 Reynolds Kitchens Disposable Cake Pans with Lids, 8" x 8"
  • Non-stick and made to handle the heartiest desserts and meals
  • Snug-fitting lids included keep your food safe and sound in transport
  • Recyclable, disposable 8x8 pans that are ideal for food service, catering, camping, events or home 
  • Attractive blue exterior and the trusted quality that consistently delivers in the kitchen


Reynolds Kitchens Aluminum Foil Dessert Pans with Lids make baking your cakes, brownies, and other pastry treats fuss-free and easy to store. Each 8" x 8" aluminum cake pan has a non-stick surface so you won’t need oil or spray to keep foods from sticking. Just pour the batter in and slide your cake right out of the pan after cooling. A snug-fitting, clear lid is included for each pan and makes transportation and storing food easy. The clear lid comes in handy to easily see what food is stored inside. 

Strong & Sturdy

These convenient aluminum foil pans are made strong and sturdy, so they’re perfect for food service, catering, concessions, events, or home baking. Package up a pan of cinnamon rolls, brownies, or use them for savory sides too. The attractive blue exterior also adds an upscale look to any of your delicious recipes. The 8x8 pan size is perfect for all kinds of recipes. Best of all, cleanup is simple with these recyclable, disposable pans. The pans and lids easily stack so storage doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen or pantry. This 12-pack contains 12 pans and 12 lids, so you’ll be nicely stocked for any upcoming baking occasions.