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SwitchBot Solar Panel Charger for Curtain 3 - Performance Upgrade, Easy to Use, Support Low Light Charging, Smart Solar Panel for SwitchBot Curtain 3 Rod/U Rail, Non-Stop Solar Power Supply

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Features & details

  • Uninterrupted Eco-Friendly Power: Solar Panel for Curtain 3 offers double the charging efficiency in low light. Just 3 hours of sunlight provide unlimited range. Say goodbye to power concerns, embrace continuous solar energy while saving on bills and conserving energy.
  • Compatible with SwitchBot Curtain: Our Solar Panel only works with SwitchBot Curtain 3rd Gen U Rail, Rod models or version above. Experience high power conversion and stable output with our high-performance solar panels. Once plugged in you can say goodbye to charging woes and enjoy unlimited battery life.
  • Effortless Installation & Use: Our upgraded Solar Panel Charger features an integrated suspension bracket for direct connection to SwitchBot Curtain, ensuring optimal lighting position. Customize the upward tilt angle for direct sunlight. Its compact design helps seamlessly integrates solar panels into your home.
  • Charge Smarter: SwitchBot Solar Panel adapts to local weather and time, charging your SwitchBot Curtain in a more intuitive way. Customize charging periods and opening positions for uninterrupted battery life. It's time to say goodbye to battery depletion concerns.
  • Strong, durable, with Excellent Customer Service: SwitchBot Solar Panel is made using high-quality ABS UV material, ensuring stability in -20℃ to 60℃ and 10-90% RH environments. No additional maintenance needed, with an ultra-long service life. If you have any issues, simply submit feedback via our app and our dedicated support team are happy to help.