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ThermoPro TP359 Smart Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer, 260FT Wireless Remote Temp and Humidity Monitor with Large Backlit LCD, Indoor Room Thermometer (iOS, Android)*new open box

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  • Highly Accurate Swiss Sensirion Sensor: The TP359W features an industrial grade sensor sensitivity that is accurate to ±0.5 F and best in class humidity accuracy of ±2%RH. with a temperature range of -4 °F to 140°F (-20 °C to 60 °C). You won't miss any slight changes to the environment.
  • 260 Feet Bluetooth range: The TP359W hygrometer featuers SIG certified Bluetooth capability, now updated to Bluetooth 5.0, to produce strong, reliable 260 feet range wireless connections. (no obstructions) It ensures you always have full home coverage.
  • 1 year data storage with data graph: The Bluetooth hygrometer logs measured data with up to a maximum of 1 year time period. It can also sort the data into an easy to understand graph,so you can analyze trends in your home's historic temp and humidity data on the spot.
  • Smart APP with alerts: Set a temperature gauge range via the ThermoPro Sensor and instantly receive a phone notification if the temp and humidity monitor levels fall outside of your range, allowing you to quickly react to make necessary adjustments
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen: Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer features a 3.5 inch backlit LCD display to allow you to stay informed in real-time about your temperature and humidity gauge at a glance in any light conditions. House thermometer indoor uses a soft warm colored backlight to avoid eye strain.


The ThermoPro TP359W features Swiss-made Sensirion high-precision sensors to give you the most accurate readings on the market. It will read and record the every minute changes in temperature and humidity that you will be able to adjust your thermomstat or humidistat. When the temperature and humidity levels move beyond your preset range, the hygrometer will instantly send a notification via the smart app. With a strong and reliable Bluetooth conncection of up to 260ft, you will never need to worry about being out of range.