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Transparent Bubble Wall Decal Sticker Cutout Kid's Under The Sea Birthday Party Decoration Blue White Colour Bubble Ocean Background Decor Water Soap Bath Decor for Mermaid Baby Shower (Color)

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Multi-color Transparent Bubble Sticker for Party Decoration Plane Cutout Streamer Banner Background . –Include 80 pcs Multi-color bubble stickers. The biggest bubble is 4.8 inches in diameter.

Features & details

  • Include 8 piece A4 sticker ,each piece include 10 brilliant iridescent bubble cutout decals with printed rainbow colored radiance and sizes vary from 1.3 to 4.8 inches in diameter.
  • Stick them around on window, glass mirror,table, wall, mantel, pillar
  • For kids' party, birthday party ,wedding, engagement, bridal/baby showe
  • Just stick these stickers on any clean and dry surface
  • High quality plastic sheet and full of color.