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Tree Stake Kit, Fetanten 15.8 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Tree Stakes and Supports Kit for Leaning Trees Against Strong Wind, with 3 Pieces Tree Straps and Rope (13.12 Feet) Perfect Tree Straightening

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  • 15.8 Inch Tree Stake Kit - Fetanten tree straightening kit are the perfect solution for giving your young trees the support they need to grow upright and healthy. With a complete kit that includes 3 steel stakes (15.8 inch), 3 tree straps (15.75 inch), and 3 ropes (13.12 FT), you can anchor your trees against bad weather and protect them from extreme conditions.
  • Heavy-duty Steel Material - This metal tree stakes without the worry of breaking in half or bending like plastic stakes, and suitable for soft and hard ground and offers sturdy support for your newly planted trees. With 15.8 inch stakes, your tree trunks will stay straight and healthy even in windy conditions.
  • Perfect Young Tree Straightening - Our tree stakes and supports for leaning trees are designed to give your young trees the best possible chance to grow strong and straight. The solid premium metal and heavy-duty material provide the support your trees need to thrive, while the 13.12 feet of rope provides ample length for anchoring.
  • Widely Applicable - The wide application of tree straightening kit not only designed to straighten your trees and support your plants, also makes it a good helper for your tent or garden needs. Use it as a tent or garden stake for all your outdoor activities.
  • Eeasy installation - Nail the spikes in, apply the support ropes and straps, and readjust your tree to near vertical to keep vertical. The system effortlessly holds your trees with no stakes pulling from the ground. Trust our tree stake kit to provide the support and protection your trees need for long-lasting health and beauty.