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Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable, Bi-Directional 1080p, Gold Plated, Black, 6 Feet, 1-Pack

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Fosmon High Speed ​​HDMI to DVI Cable Adapter Cable The Fosmon HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable connects computers and other source devices with HDMI outputs such as Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360-equipped televisions or monitors to DVI. Provides maximum support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. This cable supports high-bandwidth uncompressed video, providing your system with high-definition video quality. Turn your computer into a home entertainment center: This cable will help you turn your computer into a home theater center where you can watch computer-based media on your TV or a projector. - Connects computers with DVI connections—such as home theater PCs, Mac minis, and some laptops—to an HDMI-equipped HDTV or other HDMI-enabled display device. - For office professionals, you can use this cable to create quality presentations using your projector. For home users, the cable will help turn your computer into a virtual home entertainment center, so you can watch all your computer-based media on your home theater screen. - Connect your DVI-equipped device to an HDMI-equipped HDTV or other digital display - Connect your HDMI-enabled devices such as PC, Blu-Ray, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One to a DVI-equipped monitor or TV 24k gold-plated connectors for optimal clarity The cable has a robust PVC outer jacket, a 24k gold-plated HDMI (Type A) male to DVI male connector that offers shielding against RFI and EMI interference. These connectors also resist corrosion while providing optimal signal transfers. Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See the Fosmon website for more information. Make sure the input and output devices are turned off when connecting or disconnecting HDMI cables to avoid device connection errors.