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Urban Deco Bike Wall Mount Bike Hanger 66lbs Load Capacity Extendable 6in Bike Rack Garage Sturdy Design Space-Saving Horizontal Storage Ideal for Garage Home Use

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About this item

  • Space-Efficient Design: Make the most of your basement, apartment, or garage space. With our Bike Wall Mount, effortlessly hang your bicycle,optimizing storage while serving as an elegant wall decor piece.
  • Built to Last: Constructed from high-strength steel and fortified with an anti-rust coating, our mount ensures longevity. Capable of holding bikes up to 66lbs, it's suitable for mountain bikes, road bicycles, and hybrids.
  • User-Friendly Adjustability: Equipped with a convenient switch, customizing your Bike Wall Mount has never been easier. Extend the hook up to 6inch and freely adjust the hanger angle within a 360° range.
  • Caring for Your Bike: Our mount is thoughtfully designed with ultra-soft pads, ensuring your bike remains unscathed. A safe and scratch-free solution for every bike enthusiast.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Setting up is straightforward with our detailed English version of the manual. Two sets of expansion screws are provided to cater to different wall types. Always ensure a secure fit by mounting on solid columns, beams, bricks, masonry, or concrete walls. Avoid gypsum boards or dry walls unless supported by studs/beams.