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VIVOSUN AeroWave E6 Grow Tent Fan 6, EC Motor, Smart Wifi Control, US Patented Auto Oscillating Clip fan, Weatherproof IP-54, Strong Airflow but Quiet for Hydroponic Ventilation Circulation

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About this item

  • US Patented Square Design: This patented clamping fan can easily hold tight on round, square poles, and flat surfaces without slipping; Its clamp has a thick rubber pad to ensure it does not slip or scratch surfaces
  • Strong Airflow & Low Noise: At only 33 dB at its loudest, this grow fan is driven by a dual ball bearing EC motor which has an extended lifespan
  • Auto Oscillation: This clip-on fan supports 90° horizontal automatic oscillation with 80° manual vertical adjustment
  • Innovative Natural Wind Mode: Innovative design provides a natural wind mode that simulates the natural environment to reduce stress on plants for better growth
  • Adjustable Speeds: 5 levels normal constant air flow can be adjusted on the AeroWave and if you connect to VIVOSUN App, 10 levels of air flow can be adjusted accordingly
  • Smart Wi-Fi Control: The AeroWave E6 is compatible with the VIVOSUN Grow Hub E42/E42A/E25, to remotely control speed and ON/OFF timer settings; You can connect this device to the SGS to have the device synch with your grow recipes and to operate in tandem with other smart devices
  • Weatherproof IP-54: Perfectly suited to the high temperature and humidity environment inside the grow tent
  • Complete Safety System: AeroWave E6 can rebound automatically when contacting objects to prevent from damage; Small motor housing design for maximum airflow without interfering with your space; No abrasion and interference for power/cord wire and controller because it is attached with a clip part