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WESAIL Artificial Green Foxtail Grass, Faux Rabbit Bunny Tail Grass Bouquets Dogtail Pampas set of two

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Plant or Animal Product Type
Bunny Tail Grass
Light Brown
Fabric Silk
Product Dimensions
3.94"D x 3.15"W x 3.94"H

About this item

  • 1. The artificial green foxtail Grass are made of Polyfiber; The stems are wired for easy arranging. You can cut or bend it whatever you like and arrange it.
  • 2. Different from dried natural grass, which is easy to shed off in moving and may cause allergy for those who are sensitive to sheddings, our Artificial Grass doesn't shed and will cause no allergies
  • 3. The rabbit bunny tail Grass bouquets have natural Look and is lifelike, soft and fluffy. The branches of the pampas grass are bendable freely to make the shape of the bouquet appear fuller.
  • 4. The length of the greenery plant grass is 22inch. Stick it in a vase, add it to a bouquet full of many flowers and greenery, or use it to embellish your parties and home with a spring looking.
  • 5. Unlike fresh flowers used for flower arrangement which require everyday upkeep, the artificial grass can be placed and reusable in many settings for a long period without any care, also adding a ever-lasting natural scene to your place