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Wide Mouth Straw Lids (2 Pack), Compatible with Hydro Flask, Simple Modern, Hydro Cell, Thermoflask, Takeya, Vmini and Iron Flask, 2 Lids, 2 Straws and 1 Straw Brush

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Features & details

  • First Of Its Kind! True straw lid for wide mouth Hydro Flask water bottles. Simple straw design for hassle free sipping. This straw lid set will also make a Perfect Gift!
  • Splash Resistant Design. Precision crafted lid creates a snug fit around the straw that minimizes spillage.
  • Perfect Fit for Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Water Bottles. Also compatible with wide mouth Simple Modern (Summit), Hydro Cell, Thermoflask (40oz), Takeya, Vmini and Iron Flask.
  • Not Compatible With Tumblers, Standard Mouth Water Bottles, Growlers, Hydrapeak Or Nalgene Bottles. Easy To Clean. Top shelf dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • Comes With Two Lids, Two Straws And One Straw Brush. Straws can be trimmed to fit the height of your Wide Mouth Hydro Flask. Convenient sizing guide can be found on the product packaging.